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 On a vacation trip, Duke Huan of the state of Qi came to the ruin of the capital of Guo Shi , which perished long ago.  

  Seeing the desolate and bleak prospects of broken tiles, collapsed walls, and clusters of weeds, he could not help asking the local people about the reason of the ruin of Guo Shi.   
  They replied,"Guo Shi was fond of doing good deeds, and averse to evildoing, which led to the perdition." 
  When the Duke could not understand the answer, people explained ," Though he liked doing good, he had never been able to do so; though he hated evildoing, never could he help not participating. That caused the ruin of his capital." 
 A mouse once took a bite out of a bull's tail as he lay dozing. The bull jumped up in a rage and, with his head low to the ground, chased the mouse right across the yard. The mouse was too quick for him, however, and slipped easily into a hole in the wall. 
 The bull charged the wall furiously again and again, but although he bruised his head and chipped his horns, the mouse stayed safely inside his hole. After a time the bull gave up and sank down to rest again.
 As soon as the bull was asleep, the little mouse crept to the mouth of the hole, pattered across the yard, bit the bull again -- this time on the nose -- and rushed back to safety. As the bull roared helplessly the mouse squeaked:
 "It's not always the big people who come off best. Sometimes the small ones win, you know."
    公牛刚睡着,小老鼠就爬到洞口,嗒嗒地跑过院子,又咬了公牛一口 ?? 这回咬了鼻子 ?? 又跑回安全的地方去。当公牛毫无办法地吼叫时,老鼠吱吱叫道:
 A boy was playing in the fields when he was stung by a nettle . He ran home to tell his mother what had happened. 
 "I only touched it lightly," he said, "and the nasty thing stung me."
 "It stung you because you only touched it lightly," his mother told him." Next time you touch a nettle grasp it as tightly as you can. Then it won't sting you at all."     
 Face danger boldly. 
  A man once bought a brilliantly-coloured parrot. Instead of locking it up in a cage or chaining it to a perch, he allowed it to fly free all over the house. The parrot was delighted at this and flapped from room to room, shrieking and screaming with happiness. At last he settled on the edge of a rich curtain.
  "Who on earth are you ?" said a cross voice from below. "Stop that terrible noise at once."
  The parrot saw a cat staring up at him from the carpet.
  "I 'm a parrot. I 've just arrived and I 'm to make as much noise as I can," he said.
  "Well, I 've lived here all my life," replied the cat ."I was born in this very house and I learned from my mother that it is best to keep quiet here."
  "Keep quiet then, "said the parrot cheerfully. "I don't know what you do around here, but I know my job. My master bought me for my voice and I'm going to make sure he hears it." 
 Different people are valued for different things.
     "我是鹦鹉。 我刚到,我要使劲地吵吵。"他说。      "那你就一声不响吧,"鹦鹉欢快地说,"我不知道你在这儿干什么,可我知道我的活儿。主人为了我的声音才买我,我一定得让他听到。"
   A man once had four sons who never stopped quarrelling with one another. He was always telling them how much easier life would be if they worked together but they took absolutely no notice of him. One day he decided to show them what he meant.
 He called all the sons together and put a tightly tied bundle of sticks on the floor in front of them.
 "Can you break that ? " he asked the youngest son. The boy put his knee on the bundle but though he pressed and pulled with his arms he could not bend the wood. The father asked each son in turn to try to break the bundle, but none of them could do it .
 Then he untied the string and scattered the sticks.
  " Now try, " he said . The boys broke the sticks easily in their hands.
  "Do you see what I mean ?" asked the father. "if only you stand together no one can hurt you . If you all disagree the whole time and insist on going your separate ways, the first enemy you meet will be able to destroy you. "
  United we stand ; divided we fall.
 A wolf once met a donkey on the road outside the village.
  "I 'm going to eat you up, "said the wolf .
  "Certainly, " replied the donkey, thinking fast. "But please don't eat me out here on the road where everyone can see. I shall be so ashamed . Take me into the forest. Don't be afraid that I shall try to escape. Here, tie this rope round your neck and fasten it to my bridle. Then I will lead you to a quiet spot I know."
  The wolf thought this was a good idea so he fastened the rope round his neck and knotted it firmly to the donkey's bridle.
  "Now I will go wherever you say, " said the donkey.
  "Show me the way to your quiet spot , " ordered the wolf.
  "Very well," said the donkey, setting off down the road towards the village. As they came to the first houses the wolf began to suspect that he had been tricked.
  "This is not the way to the forest, " he said, tugging at his end of the rope. "This road goes to the village."
  "Don't worry," said the donkey cheerfully , "This is a short cut. "
  The donkey began to trot faster , then to gallop. The rope round the wolf's neck drew tight; in a very short time he was dragged right up to the donkey's door.
  The master, his wife and their three sons all came running out to rescue the donkey . They were so angry that they would have killed the wolf there and then. Fortunately for the wolf , however , one of the sons threw a knife at him. The knife missed , but it cut the rope round his neck. The next moment all the family could see was a cloud of dust in the road as the wolf fled to safety in the dark forest.  
If you keep your head you will be all right.
     "当然可以,"驴灵机一动,回答说,"但请不要在这条路上吃,人人都会看见的, 我会感到难为情。把我带到森林里去吧。别担心我们会逃跑。喏, 把这根绳子一头饶在你脖子上,一头拴在我的缰绳上,然后我把你带到一个我熟悉的安静的地方去。"
     "这不是到森林去的路,"他使劲拉绳子的一头说, "这条路是到村子里去的。"
     "别着急,"驴高兴地说, "这是一条近路。" 驴加快了步子,接着跑起来。套在狼脖子上的绳子抽紧了;一会儿功夫,就把狼拉到驴的家门口。
  A wild boar was sharpening his tusks against a tree one day when a fox came by.
  "What are you doing that for?" asked the fox . "There are no hunters around. Everything looks very peaceful to me ."
  "Quite true, "said the boar, "but when the hunter does come with his dogs I shall be too busy running away to have time for this . So let me sharpen my tusks while I can."
Be prepared .
        The swallows and sparrows are very pleased to find a place on the roof of the hall for their nests.
   The mother birds are feeding their babies with pleasure, which assumes a scene of peace and harmony.
   But they have never thought of the following scene: the chimney at the top of the kitchen might break, www.52article.com the fire might leap up to the roof and the burning purling might destroy their nests.
   But those swallows and sparrows are unmindful of the coming disaster.
   They go on with their superficial happiness brought by peace and calm.
    它们完全没有考虑到:炉灶上的烟囱有可能会炸裂,火苗将会窜上屋梁,烧着的椽 将会摧毁它们的巢穴。 
Long ago a great mountain began to rumble and shake .
  People came from far and near to see what would happen.
  "A great river will be born." said one.
  "Surely nothing less than a mighty dragon will come out." said another.
  "A god himself will spring form these rocks." said a third.
  Finally , after days of expectation a small crack appeared in the mountain. And out popped ---- a mouse.
Just because someone makes a lot of fuss, it doesn't mean he is important.

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